Was your order marked as delivered but you didn't receive it? No problem — we can absolutely help with that! 

Please wait 48 hours after your order was marked as delivered to contact us — carriers tend to mark packages as delivered a little bit early. Sometimes it's because they have every intention to deliver it, but run out of time. Also, sometimes packages are delivered to the next house over and then don't get corrected until the next day. These packages usually show up within a couple of days of being marked as delivered.

If it's been more than two days since your package was marked as delivered and it still hasn't shown up at your door, we can't say what's happened to it, but it definitely should have been there by now!

We will happily send a replacement package, provided that the address on the order is correct. We are only able to reship to the address originally placed on the order; if that address is incorrect than unfortunately we are not able to send a replacement, as the package would again go to the wrong address.


Please send us a message here! Click "Submit a Request" under "Orders and Shipping" -> "Report a package not delivered or lost" and we will be happy to confirm your address and get that replacement shipped out!


Please note that if the address was entered incorrectly at checkout, we are unable to refund or replace the order. We are also unable to refund or replace an order if it has been more than 45 days since the package was expected to be delivered.